Hidden Door 2017 took place at the wonderful old Leith Theatre, which closed its doors to the public on 26th May 1992. 13,671,060 minutes later, on 26th May 2017, they reopened for the festival. This piece marks the intervening years of melancholy yet beautiful disrepair, using recordings made in the theatre.

62.32 minute-long compositions are played at random through 4 speakers. The total number of possible combinations of this ever-changing soundscape is 13,671,060. If each iteration were played back to back, it would precisely span the theatres 25 years of emptiness and decay.

The piece was originally presented in an old, forgotten storeroom in the back of the Leith Theatre.

½(3+√5+4√13671061) = 62.3168


  • Tim Vincent Smith: violin, voice
  • Daniil Dumnov: accordion
  • Matt Wright: saxophone, whistle, voice
  • Atzi Muramatsu: cello
  • Lizabett Russo: voice
  • Matt Webb: double bass
  • Darragh Quinn: violin
  • The Leith Theatre: itself