Interview with Dave House in The Skinny

Read Claire Francis’ insightful interview with Dave House in November 2017’s The Skinny

“November marks the release of House’s new album, Elusive Geometry. The style of his music – made up of “African rhythms, found sounds, [and] field recordings” – is pitched as experimental and abstract, but when you listen, the record is full of emotive, dancefloor-focused moments. When asked if he believes the term ‘experimental’ music can be an off-putting label for a listener, House responds, “when people say to me ‘well what kind of music do you make then?’ I think a lot of musicians flounder on the question. And I certainly do, I never quite know what to say. Genres can be useful to a certain extent. We do tend to want to apply labels to things, because it makes it easier – it’s kind of shorthand isn’t it? At the same time, it is restrictive.”

Photo by Chris Scott