“Drome” number 24 in The Herald’s “Top 100 Tunes from Scotland 2018”

Drome was featured at number 24 in The Herald’s list of the Top 100 Tunes from Scotland in 2018.

Dave House is an imaginative Edinburgh-based experimental sound artist who specialises in incorporating found sounds and field recordings into his aural sculptures. This 7m jewel is a hypnotic collision of abstract and form with dancefloor textures.


Drome was The Reverse Engineer’s donation to the #Pianodrome mixtape – a fundraiser for a 100 seater amphitheatre made from 30 upcycled upright pianos that appeared at the Royal Botanic Gardens during Edinburgh Festival 2018.

The track is made entirely from recordings of the Pianocube, a precursor to the #Pianodrome (pictured above – photo by Chris Scott).