the reverse engineer

digital composition by dave house

Photo of Dave House
Photo of Dave House


The Reverse Engineer is Edinburgh-based Dave House. He has just returned to the UK after a year in Berlin where, in addition to his own practice, he collaborated with jazz musicians and techno producers, the results of which shall be released soon.

In 2012 he completed a Masters in Digital Composition and Performance at Edinburgh University where he explored improvisation, algorithms, sound art and the nature of listening; themes that continue to influence his music.

In the past Dave has toured the bottom-right corner of the world gathering field recordings, making music in beach-front treehouses and jamming with talented folk from all over everywhere.

His dynamic live shows feature bespoke algorithmic and gestural performance systems hooked up to decks, drums, laptops, instruments and found objects.

His influences are varied: techno, house, dub, reggae, IDM, Latin, afrobeat, jazz, drum & bass, electronica, ambient, drone, post-dubstep, dancing, the great outdoors, malfunctioning machinery, emergent systems, fractals... fade to abstract.

Dave is also a sonic artist and sound designer and a graphic designer.