A Trip to Mars – with live score by S!nk & The Reverse Engineer

On 21/7/19 The Reverse Engineer will join Edinburgh band S!nk to perform a new score to silent classic A Trip To Mars.

In 1918 Earth was in chaos. Small wonder that this film yearns for a better place where the problem of death is solved and harmony reigns supreme. In 2019 Earth is still chaotic. We still seek simple solutions to impossible problems. But where at the turn of the 20th century, in Europe at least, this dichotomy might have found musical expression in the tension between harmony and dissonance, at the turn of the 21st to express confusion we turn increasingly towards the frontier where music meets noise. 

In this, our 6th film score commission for Edinburgh Filmhouse, brilliant multi-instrumental trio S!nk are joined by The Reverse Engineer who, using an array of flashing knobs and twisty buttons worthy of a Sci-if classic, applies such passionate and pointed focus to the extraordinary and wonderful noises that his machines produce that listeners are moved to expand their definition of beauty. 

That Mars, a planet traditionally associated with war, turns out, when the cosmonauts finally arrive, to be a peaceful utopia is emblematic of a film whose strangeness is normal and whose normalness is strange. Our new live score plays out this paradox in the fertile sonic territory where ‘natural’ acoustic instruments land on planet electronica.