Review of Elusive Geometry in Beat

Germany’s Beat pubished this wonderful, considered review in January 2018. The integration of field recordings into an electronic context has almost become a cliche, a trick of the trade. Dave House on the other hand is building the sparkling foundation of a futuristic hybrid that, through the medium of his laptop-production, creates the feeling of […]

Elusive Geometry makes Monolith Cocktail’s ‘Choice Albums of 2017’ list

Elusive Geometry has been declared one of music blog Monolith Cocktail’s best albums of 2017 a brilliant album of thoughtful, moody transitions and discovery. Both in the moniker by which the Edinburgh-based ‘sonic experimentalist’ Dave House is known by, and deduced from the title of his latest album, Elusive Geometry, we can view the sound-artist’s music as a restructuring of […]